Dana Lightman, Ph.D.—Motivational Keynote Speaker

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Dana inspires her audiences with the motivational message of POWER Optimism™

Dana is an exciting professional speaker. She embodies the positive energy, personal insight and empowerment that are hallmarks of her POWER Optimism system—a method of replacing negative patterns with positive actions. Through her own personal struggles, she learned firsthand the transformational power derived from shifting to an optimistic attitude.

Dana combined these personal insights with her training in psychotherapy, work with clients and dissertation research to create the POWER Optimism system. Her dynamic conference and seminar appearances have helped put thousands on an upward spiral.

As an expert in positivity, Dana knows that an organization is more successful when its members are more positive. She is a frequent keynote speaker and trainer for businesses, government and non-profit agencies seeking to reap the benefits of optimism at work. Her content-rich programs deliver value because her targeted strategies hit the mark.

Today’s women find Dana’s uplifting presentation particularly relevant. She helps them see their potential—not just the personal, family or workplace situation they’re in. Dana is the woman that women want to hear.


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