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POWER Optimism keynotes


Power optimism

Dana’s Motivational Speaking Delivers Results

POWER Optimism programs are suitable for audiences of all sizes and professions. Dana is sought after by corporations, non-profits, professional associations, government agencies, hospitals, schools, universities, wellness centers and women’s groups.

She designs each program to fit the group, ensuring that audience members leave feeling uplifted and renewed, taking home insights and strategies to create success and well-being in any aspect of their lives. Dana connects to her audience with an unforgettable combination of clarity, enthusiasm and humor. All programs are highly interactive and customized to meet the specific needs of every client.


Most Requested Keynotes and Workshops:

More Power to You: Igniting Energy for Success

You are born with a life force propelling you towards self-fulfillment. Experience your power by learning to intentionally choose thoughts, feelings and behaviors that stimulate this energy. Dana teaches you proven steps to break through negative patterns and build up positive practices, putting you on an upward spiral of life-enhancing experiences. Applying these strategies frees you to reach your potential, guarantees you will thrive and assures you of achieving success.


There’s No Such Thing as Difficult People

Want to get rid of people who drive you crazy? Now you can. The key is to take charge of your reactions to difficult people so you can neutralize their negative impact on you.  In this highly engaging program, Dana gives you practical tools to prevent other people’s troublesome behaviors from triggering your hot buttons. Learn how to stop being a victim and start intentionally choosing your responses. Dana’s powerful process is sure to shift your focus from a sense of frustration to a sense of humor.


Take Charge of Change by Choice

Do you find yourself struggling on a downward spiral of stress, powerlessness and anxiety? One reason may be trying to manage the rapid and complex changes taking place in today’s world. Uncover the secrets to Dana’s pragmatic approach for turning that downward spiral into an upward one. Her proven system teaches you to tap into your power of choice. Learn how to eliminate the negative patterns that sabotage your change process, and experience the energy, mastery and confidence that comes when you embrace change from a position of control.


Energizing Peak Potential on the Job

What makes someone a top performer in the workplace? The key is a positive attitude.  Unleash your star potential by learning to intentionally choose thoughts, feelings and behaviors that stimulate a positive perspective. Dana teaches you proven steps to break through negative patterns and build up positive practices, putting you on an upward spiral of successful experiences. By applying these strategies, you will boost job satisfaction, expect and deliver outstanding results, tackle challenges with confidence and perform at your best.


Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone and Land in Your Life

If you stay in your comfort zone too long, you will eventually experience rust out – a debilitating case of the “blahs.” You don’t have to be a born risk-taker to jump start your life with new challenges and higher expectations. With her creative and innovative approach, Dana takes you beyond your comfort zone to your growing edge. Recognize those thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck, and acquire the tools to bypass these barriers. Discover the power of intentional risk-taking to put you on the path that works for you.


It’s the Attitude That Sells

Do you know how to turn that inevitable sales slump into a sales surge? Dana’s proven methods teach you how to bounce back from rejections, stay motivated to get new sales leads, persevere until the deal is done, transform problems into opportunities and maintain energy and confidence. Her hands-on strategies increase your bottom line results as you discover and connect to your optimism – the single most reliable key to top sales performance.


Leadership with a Positive Edge

There is a new paradigm for leadership in today’s highly competitive work environment.  Are you leading with a focus on positive expectations? Do you know how to coach your staff to think creatively, react with flexibility and master the natural “ups and downs” of organizational life? In this highly engaging session, Dana shows you how to cultivate your own positive attitude using her innovative process. In addition, you’ll learn how to coach others to fine tune their positive edges. Dana’s proven strategies open the door to new possibilities and guarantee greater success.   


Conquer Stress with POWER Optimism

How do you experience stress? Everyday stressors have been exacerbated in today’s economic circumstances. On the professional front, you must handle increased responsibilities with fewer resources. On the personal front, you face higher prices and lower discretionary income. Dana tackles these timely issues by providing practical strategies and usable tools to reduce the tension on your internal rubber band of stress, increase your resiliency in the face of new stressors, and produce a greater work-life balance.

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Did you know…

Contemplating beautiful objects puts us in a good mood—or what brain scientists describe as “a state of positive affect.” These nice feelings change the way the brain processes information. If you’re under stress or feeling beaten down by your environment, your brain hunkers down and focuses on details and the body’s most pressing needs: physical safety, hunger, and so on. But if you’re in a relaxed, cheerful mood, your brain is likely to enter into a creative, exploratory state, seeking out new connections and new experiences in your environment. (Discover, May 2004, p. 20)


Did you know…

Optimists seem to be sprinkled with fairy dust. They suffer less and recover quicker. They’re healthier and better-liked and have stronger marriages and more fun. It’s enough to make the rest of us gloomy – except that psychologists believe that a lot of these qualities stem from cognitive habits that can be learned. More than any other major personality train, optimism is a matter of practice.  (Psychology Today, March/April 2008, p. 75, italics added)


Michael Caine’s Motto:
Use the Difficulty

I was in rehearsals, waiting behind a door to come out while a couple onstage were having a row. They started throwing furniture, and a chair lodged in front of the door. My cue came and I could only get halfway in. I stopped and said, “I can’t get in. The chair’s in the way.”  And the producer said, “Use the difficulty.” I said, “What do you mean?” And he said, “Well, if it’s a drama, pick it up and smash it. If it’s a comedy, fall over it.” This idea stuck in my head and I taught it to my children—that any situation in life that’s negative, there is something positive you can do with it. (AARP, Jan./Feb. 2004, p. 53, italics added)