Meet POWER Optimism

Meet POWER Optimism

Power optimism

The desire exists within each of us to create the lives we want, but events keep getting in the way. POWER Optimism teaches that your reaction to an event is more important than the event itself. It shows you how to replace negative interpretations and patterns with positive expectations and actions—intentional choices that are certain to put your life on an upward spiral of success.


Practice POWER Optimism and you will:

• Feel confident and secure
• Possess more energy
• Reach greater potential
• Enjoy happier relationships
• Realize better health
• Do better in work and school

My audiences like to hear how POWER Optimism evolved, what its genesis was. The defining Aha! moment came in the course of my dissertation research on widowed older adults. An interesting question arose: Why had some gone through the transition of widowhood experiencing positive growth and change, while others stayed stuck and/or depressed? The difference turned out to be optimism. I became intrigued and have studied more about optimism’s impact ever since.

I’m still at it, practicing what I preach. I keep learning by employing the strategies of the program. And it works.

POWER Optimism
Enjoy the Life You Have...
Create the Success You Want

POWER optimism

“This book was really a lot of fun and enjoyable to read. It has made our favorite book list. You’ll feel empowered immediately upon reading it.”
—Radio host of The Secrets of Success, Bill Horan praises the book on the air.

POWER Optimism CD Set

POWER optimism

“I have listened to the CDs several times, and I just find them inspiring. It is as if you have met me—you talk about how we can make changes, and it is so true.”
—Linda Cottam,
The Pampered Chef


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