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I am pleased to recommend Dana Lightman, Ph.D., and her POWER Optimism program. We have hosted Dana twice, and each time she was very well received. At her last seminar, Dana received a 5.7 out of a 6.0 rating on the evaluations, which is excellent. I find Dana a pleasure to work with, and I am confident in referring her to you.
—Susan Duval, Seminar Coordinator, Health & Wellness Center at Doylestown Hospital

Thank you for being our keynote speaker at the AAUW-PA July Leader’s Meeting. I have both listened to and given numerous presentations during my professional career and recognize that it is a rare talent for a speaker to be both informative and entertaining—you have this talent. Evaluation forms were completed by attendees, and your presentation was rated good to excellent—you can’t ask for much more than that. Some responses to the question “What did you find most helpful?” were:

• The whole thing. I love Dana and all she inspires.
• Bring Dana back any time.
• Will definitely use the tools she gave us.
• Excellent presentation.
• Her program works in the organization and in my personal life.

So you were a hit, as I expected. I did not receive any negative feedback about you, another great endorsement.
—Dot Mclane, President, American Association of University Women

Thank you! Thank you so much for joining us in Indianapolis. We had a very successful 10 Year Conference…CONGRATULATIONS. You received the 3rd highest score—4.46 out of 5 on your topic and a 4.49 out of 5 for your speaker rating. Thanks again for everything!
—Karen Williams, Associate Director of Universal Sisters, National Speaking of Women's Health Foundation

We had Dana speak about POWER Optimism at our Women’s Resource Network, and she received excellent reviews. The group members absolutely loved her! In fact, in written evaluations, on a scale of 1-10, Dana got all 10's. You can't do better than that! Dana was so inspiring, that I plan to get together some people so that Dana can do a private group for us. A friend of mine has taken POWER Optimism workshops twice. Now I know why!
—Sandy Eckert, Chairperson, Women's Resource Network

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Social Security Administration
Leadership Development
Program Core Training
Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone
and Land in Your Life

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Association of Family and
Conciliation Courts
44th Annual Conference
There’s No Such Thing as
Difficult People

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15th Annual Radiology
Oncology Conference
Fox Chase Cancer Center
There’s No Such Thing as
Difficult People

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