Why Book Dana Lightman, Motivational Keynote Speaker?

Why Book Dana?

Dana is unique


Who knows more about the snags we can all get stuck on than a psychotherapist?

Dana has the credentials to speak on these matters. That’s why she and her POWER Optimism programs are unique. She’s an expert in positive psychology, not an observer. Dana’s mission is to release and increase the optimist in each of us. Her highly successful presentations reflect her unique blend of talents and expertise.

Who can sift through that experience to find positive steps better than a teacher?

Dana was an instructor at the University of Pennsylvania for 10 years before turning her attention to behavioral science. She has also lectured at Temple University and Arcadia University.

Who can distill those steps into a presentation more clearly than a writer?

Dana published her first book, POWER Optimism: Enjoy the Life You Have…Create the Success You Want in 2004, followed by Power Optimism Playbook in 2007. She has also written numerous articles for a wide variety of publications.

Who can deliver that presentation with more passion and humor than an actress and professional speaker?

Dana has studied acting professionally for over 20 years. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and was the past president of the Professionally Speaking Chapter of Toastmasters International.

And who is more believable than someone who has walked the walk?

Dana’s like most of you. Not the survivor of some catastrophic event, but of life itself—the cumulative dings and dents we acquire over the years. We all have normal neuroses, and these programs are the result of what Dana’s done to deal with them—what she can offer you. 

So, what do you get when you combine an actress, an educator, a professional public speaker and an everyday person? A skilled performance that is moving, entertaining, content-filled, practical and believable. You also get reliability. Because Dana’s easy to work with and she’s on time. Poised, prepared and pumped up, yes. Prima donna, no.



Dana talks
Poised, prepared and pumped up, yes. Prima donna, no.


Participants Agree—
Dana is Unique

Dana’s presentation was great!
She presented lots of complex information in a clear way.

Dynamic, powerful speaker who recharged the audience with personal potential!

Fascinating topic but most important was that Dana included PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS. Bravo!

I really enjoyed the interaction with other participants.

High energy, enthusiastic, passionate about her work.

Your wonderful presentation had everyone thinking and laughing. I will think differently about my life because of you.

Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I noticed you had the audience’s complete attention.

The way you come across is so down-to-earth and realistic.